The first blog is the deepest, baby I know…


Sorry for the random blog title. And sorry that you now have a Sheryl Crowe/Rod Stewart/Cat Stevens song stuck in your head (pick your era). The reason for the randomness is that I really, really hate first blog posts. There’s a lot of pressure, you know? You need to establish who you are and why someone should read your blog. It’s all very tiring. Plus, I’m pretty sure that blogs are so 2008 and it’s all about Instagram or Snapchat these days. But feck it, I’m nothing if not late to a party—so here it goes! Welcome to my blog, pals!

The “who I am” should be easy, since I already covered that part in my handy-dandy About Me page.

The why… well, that’s harder. I haven’t quite decided what exactly the point of this blog is just yet. Maybe it’s just a place to share my random thoughts on life? Or maybe some form of coherence will naturally arise over time.

I do know that now is probably a good time to start following me if you’re interested in any of the following:

  • Books, books, and more books (I read quite a bit).
  • What happens when a 30-something hits an early midlife crisis and uproots their entire life.
  • Waaaaay too much thought going into random moments of pop culture.
  • Chats about mental health (maybe, if I’m brave enough).
  • Maybe a few bits about writing along the way.

And maybe that’s good enough for now! Let’s see what happens.

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