About me

It me!

My name is Alex Dunne (she/her) and I wear many hats (figuratively speaking. In real life my head is far too big for most hats to fit—I blame all the hair).

In no particular order, I am:

  • A writer and editor (up until recently, I mostly wrote and edited content for the wide world of business, but I’m trying to hop back into the world of fiction in my spare time!)
  • An avid reader of (almost) every genre
  • A red-head
  • A tea-addict
  • A reluctant runner and gym-goer
  • Co-founder and editor of Silver Apples Magazine
  • Co-editor of Good Madness: A Collection of Essays on the Work of Neil Gaiman

I love (among other things):

  • Taking a different route each time I walk home
  • Good beer, red wine, and gin & tonic (anything but Gordon’s)
  • Cooking fun new foods, usually inspired by Chef John (of fooooodwishesdotcom!)
  • Making up stories about strangers I see on the street
  • Parentheses (obviously)
  • Oxford commas

I hate:

  • Writing “about me” pages.